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We have looked at many of our customers issues while cleaning/rinsing leaf products and designed a system that reduces damage to the product by not submerging but still cleaning the product.

This system comes supplied with butterfly valves to control water and airflow allowing the user to determine the consumption usage dependant on products

One of our standard elevators would usually be used for this setup but this depends on space within the area of operation, another option would be to use either a Lynnmoore tray or Eurobin lift

The main barrel is split into 4 sections with varying size perforations and pitches dependant on products to be cleaned. Each section of the main barrel is design in such a way that these are interchangeable.

There are 3 stainless steel doors positioned down each side of the barrel, these are to allow cleaning operations, but the machine is kept safe with stainless steel Mag sensors to detect if the door is open or the equipment safe to run

Knowing the harsh environment this equipment is usually in has meant we use fully stainless-steel bearings including housings to prolong the life of wear parts

  • Interchangeable barrel sections
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Stainless Steel bearings including housings for prolonged life span
  • Height adjustable feet for ease of installation and requiring no ground works
  • Waste water filter to trap any unwanted items before drainage
  • Safety switches on all access areas
  • SEW motor/gearbox
  • Suitable for various infeed’s

Drum Washer

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