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Lynnmoore prides itself on its ability to build bespoke machinery and R&D solutions. We work closely with our customers to provide them with the best solution whether it be machinery, handling equipment or full production lines.


We offer a complete package including Consultation, Design, Project Management, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning on Site. From start to finish the customer is always part of the process so we can ensure we are providing exactly what they need.


See below just a handful of projects we have been involved in and if your business could benefit from a bespoke solution, then email us on or call us on 01553 771122



Lynnmoore were commissioned to pipe hot & cold water flow & returns into a new build factory. We supplied all materials; Pipe's, Fittings & Valves and manufactured the pipe bridges and support frames.

All work was carried out on site with our highly skilled team of engineers and coded welders



12m long Curing Bin designed and manufactured in house. The lower support frame is mild steel and epoxy coated to our desired finish, everything else is stainless steel including the infeed and outfeed screw augers

This curing bin holds approx. 8 Ton of product.



This indexing system was designed to deposit 2 different size cakes / pies onto trays ready for cooking. The change in product size is quick and easy to change over allowing the turn around time to be efficient. 

This allows approximately 12-15 trays to be loaded every minute. We built an extra 3 recipes into the PLC should our customer ever decide to change the product sizes

This system has had a recent update to 4 different size cakes / pies including recipe modes and change parts


Designed to handle raw pasta with vibratory feeder infeed and screw auger outfeed complete with a stainless-steel wire belt, the steamer was built to a very high standard.

The temperature controlled, pneumatic operated doors allow safe and efficient cleaning.

The system came complete with a pneumatic conveying system that includes the use of cyclones, diverter valves and control system with HMI screen for recipe and parameter control

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